Contributing positively to sustainable development is essential and therefore we believe in comprehensive environmental management

Environmental commitment

CALMELL GROUP has set forth, as a priority aim, the Commitment to the highest possible standards to improve Quality Standards and take responsibility for the effects of its Activity on the Environment. To achieve this, it assigns all the resources necessary to carry out proper management and develops an ACTIVE POLICY IN FAVOUR OF THE ENVIRONMENT, which is based on the following points:

Responsible consumption of non-renewable natural resources (water and energy)
The minimisation of emissions, noise and vibrations.
Proper segregation of residues for their subsequent valorisation.
Handling and awareness of special and hazardous residues.
The application of the “The R’s of Ecology Rule”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
The control of good environmental practices on the part of suppliers and contractors with whom we work.
Ongoing professional training and awareness of all our employees and collaborators.

Proof of this concern and commitment for and towards the environment is the granting of the ISO 14001 certification in the year 2010: a standard devised to achieve a balance between the upkeep of profitability and the reduction of the impact felt by the carrying out of any activity on the environment …

… and the French seal IMPRIM’VERT in the year 2011: created in 1998 by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Loir-et-Cher and the Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Central France. This seal is attributed to more than 2,200 production outlets distributed all over France and the European Union. Its aim is to foster the start-up, through companies that carry out printing-based activities, specific actions with the purpose of reducing the impact these have on the environment.

The criteria for its attribution (proper disposal of hazardous residues, ensuring thus the storage of dangerous raw materials, the non-use of toxic products, environmental awareness on the part of staff and control and monitoring of energy consumption levels in production plants) bolster the utmost respect for the environment that characterises us.

Our commitment to the environment has also been granted the acknowledgement of the CHAMBER OF TRADES AND GRAPHIC ARTS OF CATALONIA. The accreditation of our “GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICES” bears testament to the fact that our Company holds and displays a commitment to undertake careful environment management and fulfils the applicable legislation in force.

Tarjeta ecologica

For plastic cards, thanks to the result of the development of a new polymer that meets the market’s need to take advantage of the unique behaviour of PVC (printable, durable…) and with the aim of providing an ecological alternative, meaning that we can offer a biodegradable PVC: “ECOCARD”.

The “ECO” PVC that we use biodegrades in 3 years, once in contact with the environment, according to the European legislation CE 94/62 (ISO-14855) and maintains all the properties of a standard PVC card. Both the card’s core as well as the superimposing (protective printing layers) are ecological.

With regard to the packaging that we put on the market with our product, we continually back 100% RECYCLABLE UNDULATED CARDBOARD BOXES. In this way, CALMELL GROUP provides a boost to the strategy of the “Circular Economy” and the aim of “Zero Dumping”. This packaging is obtained from paper and cardboard residues duly treated and valorised that serve as a base product, and raw materials for the manufacture of new recycled paper.

“Many natural resources are finite. We must find a way to use them in a manner that is environmentally and economically sustainable”