We work to provided solutions to identification, access control and security both in the public as well as the private sector, standing out as a benchmark for public transport schemes on a national and international level.

Public transport

Solution for access to means of transport such as: train, bus, tramway and metro.

Toll roads

Solutions for control, access and management of toll roads.


Solutions for control and access of users to public and private parking facilities.

Identification and access control

Smart solutions for access control and digital identification.


Programmes and / or cards giving rewards and discounts for a wide range of enterprises.

Smart cities

Citizen-based technological solutions to ensure cities’ sustainability.


Calmell Group has established, as a priority aim, the Commitment to improving Quality Management, and holds itself liable for the effect of its Activity on the Environment, adopting measures geared towards minimising the impact its activity has on the surroundings to ensure sustainable growth.

ISO Medio Environmental Certificate

Ecological Printing Certificate

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Why choose Calmell?


Created in 1970, with wide-ranging experience and global presence in the market, we are a consolidate, recognised and prestigious company.


Working in accordance with international standards and ISO management requirements, we provide trustworthiness by caring for our materials, processes and products.


Capability in terms of product, quality and cost, representing the most advantageous solution for our clients.


With wide-ranging experience in the sector, technological resources and in-house manufacture, we carry out our services in a meticulous and safe manner.


The ability to adapt resources and activities quickly and effectively to respond to our clients’ requests and changes to the environment.


Client-focused, we make your work easier by understanding your needs and offering wholescale solutions.

Our history

The Group’s history dates back to 1920, always run as a family company that has understood the importance of passing on family values and culture to the workplace and has made proximity with the client its greatest asset.

Learning and improving in each project, looking toward the future with enthusiasm and working to adapt to changes that constantly occur in all spheres, in a market that is becoming ever more global, more demanding and competitive. Camell is a lifelong project spanning several generations.

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